Every Site, big or small has there dependences , its the domain provider, the servers, the software and hardware. Here I explain how OziDent is held together.



OziDent’s Domain is registered via They Provide the Best domain service and everything related to it (Hosting, websites, emails…etc). I can’t stress how easy they make domain registration easy for the casual user and infinite options for the advance designer.

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Our Hosting Provier is They Provided me the best and cheapest Virtual Private Server (VPS) on the market. All my websites are handled by them.

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Our Website is based on the Open source of WordPress. Its the best blog/CMS/Magazine to publish your content online.

While our website is based on wordpress, our Theme is based on the Award-winning theme KingPower by Goodlayers.


The Website design, logo and color schemes were completely done by Mohsen S. Ozaibi From



Our Finical Support is basicly based on our own private payment , PayPal donations and Goggle Adsense.

Our Top Supporters are:

  • Mohsen S. Ozaibi.
  • Nada J. Al-Ammari.
  • Zabnah Naji Al-Saddi.
  • Saeed Saif Mohamed Fadel



    • Google Adsense is our primary ad distributor.
    • Chitika, which is the 2nd Alternative to Google Adsense, Click Here.

Our Affiliations

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