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Are you fresh graduate dentist still looking for the next step? A dental student searching for a way to expand the horizon of information? An experienced dentist looking for a better opportunity or job? Lost and need help in getting the dental license? OziDent is for you wither your young or experience, OziDent thrives on presenting the most relevant information to all dentists, dental students and everyone else. 

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The Prometric Dental Exams! FREE FOR ALL!

We are proud to host the ever-expanding list of questions for the Prometric dental license exam for the GCC. These question banks are targeted to those who plan to work in the following countries: UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, and Oman. Click Here. 

Dental Education

2018 AEEDC: Early Bird Registration!

In this notice, we are advising UAE dentists to take advantage of the early registration for 2018 AEEDC that will occur on 6th to the 8th of February 2018.


Video: Prevention of Dental Decay in Children

This is a presentation Dr. Yasmin Kottait gave about “prevention of dental decay in children” during the 5th American Dental Congress. On the 5th – 7th 2015, Pheldifila, USA.



In this article, we are writing about leukaemia, history, symptoms, risk factors, management and treatment. Leukaemia