Who Are We?

  • We are a group of dentist, providing the best information that we learned that hard way and providing it to emerging dentists so they don’t go through what we went through before

What does OziDent mean?

  • Originally the website was under a domain of www.ozaibi.com as dent.ozaibi.com, so I logically added them as one-word ozident. Also, the founder’s name is Mohsen S. Ozaibi, thus it was named after him.

 Where can I download Dental books?

  • I don’t Provide links to books, that is illegal, what I offer orginal dental content created by our team, If you like a book, support it and buy it!!

Can I give dental topics, ask questions or comment?

  • You can freely add your cases or experience to OziDent, the only request is that it’s your original work, because we do not tolerate plagiarism. We assure you your original content will also be refereed and link as yours! We always encourage interaction either by a question that will lead to new topics or comments to explain present topics.

I like this site, how are you keeping the costs?

  • This is a private website and its funded privately, but donations are always welcomed.

How Do I Register? How Do I download Files?

  • To register, click here. Watch the below video to see a complete guide on how to register and download the files.
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