Dr.Ozaibi د.العزيبي

Who is Dr. Mohsen Al Ozaibi?

Dr. Mohsen Said Saif Al Ozaibi was born on the 9th of April 1986 in Kansas City, USA. For the next few years till 2003, he lived in multiple cities in Saudia Arabia ( Dammam, Khobar, Riyadh, and Jeddah), Following his Dad’s career. In 2004 He started his bachelor’s degree in Dentistry (BDS) and graduated in 2009 from Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt. In 2010, He finished his internship concentrating on Pediatrics, Endodontics, and Prosthodontics.

Dentistry has been my patient ever since 2009 when I still remember the day a patient came to me suffering severe pain and was relieved after treating the periapical abscess via drainage, the moment the patient showed me gratitude, I knew dentistry was my passion.

Afterward, He started to study for the Saudia Dental license. Unfortunately, the needed content or documentation to look for the exam was scarce and depended on word of mouth. Thankfully, He passed the exam and received his license. During that period, He realized how hard it was for him to acquire the needed knowledge and vowed to make sure the information he gathered was easily accessible for other aspiring dentists, so he created Ozident.com.

Its because it was so hard to study and find the documentation for dental listening, I created Ozident.com to help others.

In 2011, He returned to Jeddah and Worked as a resident in endodontics for two years in King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah, Saudia, Arabia. Afterward, he worked in the private sector for one year (2013) in Smile Kingdom Dental clinic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In 2014, He moved to the United Arab Emirates after passing the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) dental exam. He further noticed that the exam content wasn’t available either and motivated his intentions to improve OziDent’s Content. His first job was in Al-Fahim Medical center, Dubai, UAE.

In 2015, he transferred his license from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Worked at Healthline Medical Center, Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This job was part-time as it was needed to transfer the license. During that period, He worked as a life coach assistant at a training institute (METI), it is where he learned the secrets of marketing, the importance of team building, and the skills of leadership.

I can’t deny the impact of METI on my current success, it helps me elevate my skills in fields other than dentistry.

In 2016, He started to work full time at Creative Dental Center, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Here, he learned the skills to acquire patients via authentic care and Saudi values, which helped the patients trust him more.

In 2018, He started working as a manager and a dentist at Healthway Medical Center, Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi. In this job opportunity, he could further his experience in management and leadership. Unfortunately, the skills and values that he gained could never align with the owners, and both parties went their different ways. In this period, he realized that he needed to further his education, and he started his Master’s in Business administration and marketing at the University of the People, California, USA.

It is at Healthway Medical Center, That I understood the importance of marketing and management that fueled my desire to get a master’s degree in that field, I understood that success in dentistry can not be in dentistry alone.

Additionally, in 2019, due to the skepticism of the dental clinic’s marketing plan, he started to venture into social media marketing which had an overwhelming impact on his patient flow. Ever since then, he has constantly depended on Instagram for marketing. Due to the social values, children were the only viable and logical content, and he created his passion for children. Utilizing his experience in life coaching, he gained the trust of children.

Because of the social values in social marketing, children were the only viable way to post online (after parents’ approval) and from there my passion for children was created, especially after understanding the child’s phobia and managing it through communication and dialogue.

In AEEDC 2019, I gave a lecture in dental marketing titled “Unconventional dental marketing,” which was a success.

Unconventional dental marketing – AEEDC 2019 Lecture

In 2020, it was a new era of working with the following new rules:

  • Commission-based salary instead of fixed salary.
  • Emphsis on Instagram marketing
  • Concentration on children’s dentistry.
  • Working Solo.
  • Nitrous Oxide sedition certification.
  • Zirconium crowns for children.

These are the factors in the new environment that lead to further success in two different clinics while working at Bani Yas Medical Clinics and Emirates Jordanidne medical center, both in Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi. UAE.

Working solo on children has become my passion now.

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