Video: tips to motivate children to brush their teeth


In this Arabic educational video, Dr. Yasmin Kottait (  د. ياسمين قطيط ) a Specialist Pediatric Dentist, provides different methods for the parents to motivate their children to brush their teeth.

Tips to motivate children to brush their teeth

Tip 1: Routine.

Our first tip is to make brushing a routine with a fixed time, so it becomes a permanent habit that will continue for life.




Tip 2: Encourage.

Create a board of accomplishments to make the child feel the satisfaction of accomplishment, stars on a sticky board or toys.



Tip 3: Link.

A third tip is to link brushing teeth with things in the things the child enjoys, so brushing subconsciously will be considered a fun activity.




Tip 4: Motivate.

Download different apps or videos that are related to brushing their teeth. These apps will tend to motivate the children to brush their teeth.

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