Author: Dr. Mohsen Saeed Ozaibi

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Mohsen Saeed Al Ozaibi, BDS, MBA. A Dentist at Bani Yas Medical Clinic and at Emirates Jordanind Medical Center, Founder of Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Science from Misr International University and a Master's degree in Business and Administration from the University of the People. A veteran in digital dental content publishing and marketing.

In this article, we will review that most common mistakes and give recommendations to improve CV visibility and have a better chance of getting the dream job. Cliché Intros: avoid using repetitive terms and meaningless statements that don’t really give unique value, but do provide a statement,  that introduce you to the hiring manager and pitch your best skills, work experience,  job-relevant skills, experience and your most notable professional accomplishments. Passionate Dentist with experience in …., can-do-attitude, team player….etc. These terms are common clichés Using terms such as “good communicator;” “can-do-attitude” and “team player” without substantiating them with facts or…

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