Chocolate’s Dental Benefits!


In this article, we write about a weird but true fact that using coco extract is much more beneficial to your teeth than you ever thought!


Chocolate’s Dental Benefits!

Its kind of  ironic how science can be so controversial with things we were brought up to know as facts, that chocolates can be healthy! But lets not get your hopes up because what we mean in the benifits of cholcate in its extracts and essences ( basic dark chocolate is most beneficial as it contains 70% cocoa compared to other controversial chocolates that mostly contain sugars which without a doubt is causing cavities!!)

Benefit 1

Minimizing Dental Sensitivity


Theodent toothpaste that contains Rennou

A lot of people have tooth pain and dental sensitivity which are basically due to ginigval retraction , exposure of the cementum, thinning of enamel or periodontal disease. In the university of Texas, a clinical study was done to examine the effects between fluoride based toothpastes and Theodent toothpaste that contains  Rennou (a cocoa extract)  in treating hypersensitivity. The study concluded that Rennou worked much better in restoring and repairing enamel, occluding dentinal tubules and thus reducing dental hypersensitivity within just 7 days.

another Cocoa extract
, a study showed it had greater re-mineralization rate than fluoride and higher resistance to bacteria’s acid erosion.


Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto (ozident)

Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto (left) has researched the cocoa bean ingredient for 30 years and recently turned it into a toothpaste called Theodent with business partner Dr Arman Sadeghpour at his New Orleans lab.

Benefit 2antioxidants-ozident

High in Antioxidants

It has always been known how Green tea is very healthy due to contents of Antioxidants, but did you know that Dark chocolate contants up to 4 times the level in green tea! The benefits of antioxidants are endless both dentally and systematically but as a dental blog we will state a few that are in our field:

  1. Anti-carcinogenic ( fights tumor cells).
  2. Fights bacteria causing periodontal diseases.
  3. Oral Wound healing.
  4. Remove bad breath.

Benefit 3

Contains a high level of Tannins

Tannins’ Main effect is anti-plaque formation, as it prevents the sticking of bacteria on the tooth surface. Tannins is the compound in dark chocolate that gives it the bitter flavor.

 Benefit 4

A good source of Polyphenols

It can limit oral bacteria thus to neutralize the microorganisms that cause bad breath and prevent bacteria from turning sugar and starches into acid. Also its both anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefit 5

Contains compound called Epicatechin

A type of antioxidants that helps in slowing tooth decay.



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