Recent Advances: Computerized Radiography "Digital X-ray"


Digital X-ray Sensor


  • Computerized Radiography is more sufficient then the inferior to traditional Radiography, but in some case the traditional were more accurate.
  • Nowadays with better software and instruments, it is possible to gain different objective measurements from the different grades of tooth radioluscent lesions and visualize it on the screen.
  • Radiography is very useful for diagnosing Inter proximal caries.


  • Fast analysis and preparation of large amounts of records for the computer.
  • High sensitivity and Accuracy (up to 1024 grey levels) for better peripheral structure definition.
  • Computers give the ability to manipulate the images digitally.
  • No processing.
  • Low exposure time.


  • When the digital images are enhanced on the monitor it is shown with a lower quality compared to the original images.
  • Area of interest is still mostly subjective decision depending on the observer’s judgments.
  • Possible errors during transfer of data.
  • Very expensive.
  • The digital result usefulness is limited by measurement errors “which is because its based on subjective decisions and there isn’t error elimination by the computer”.

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