Dental Licensing Guide for Dubai Health Authority (DHA)


In this article, we provide a guide explaining the steps, procedures, timeframe, and fees regarding Dental Licensing in Dubai under the Dubai Health Authority ( DHA ) regulations.

1. DHA Registration

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Basic Process

2. DHA Document Preparation:

General Requirements: The following documents are needed 

  1. Personal Information: (Name, age, address, Contact details – Email and Mobile Number)
  2. Nationally accredited Educational Qualifications recognized by DHA Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR)
  3. Official Educational transcript(s) (all year of study)
  4. Mark list of the whole year
  5. Recent professional experience based on DHA PQR criteria( experience certificate to be verified by dataflow and still working certificate also)
  6. Valid professional License
  7. Registration from the country of last employment
  8. Valid Good Standing Certificate not older than 6 months.
  9. Medical fitness test (if applicant age was 65 and above), and the test should be conducted only by medical fitness centers at DHA
  10. Valid Passport Copy
  11. Passport size photograph

3. Document Verification Via DataFlow

PSV stands for primary source verification and shall mean that all the documents required for licensure shall be verified directly from the original or primary source

Dataflow will perform the PSV (Primary Source Verification) fees structure is as follows:

  • Initial Registration Fees: AED 220
  • Doctors/Physicians = 1235 AED (Verification of 1 Degree, 1 Health License and Last 05 years of Employment limited to 3 employers)
  • Any additional degree, license, certificate required by Dubai Health Authority will require an additional cost of 300 AED per document will be added to the total fee.

Transfering DataFlow Reports

If you have a Primary Source Verification Report issued earlier by DataFlow under HAAD, MOH UAE, DHA or SCH Qatar, please note that a Transfer Fee will be applicable as below:

  • Primary Source Verification Report issued under HAAD or MOH UAE – Transfer Fee of AED 100 applicable
  • Primary Source Verification Report issued under Non-UAE – Transfer Fee of AED 200 applicable
  • Primary Source Verification Report issued under DHA – No Transfer Fee required

For any further queries, kindly visit our support Page

Note : Your verification fee should be settled within 90 days in order to avoid the termination of your application.

Your DHA application will be evaluated basis the Report and may be subject to additional document verification at an additional fee. After completion of Audit, a revised email containing payment instructions will be sent to you.

Payment Instructions:

  • Only credit card payment is accepted for this service
  • An additional charge of 3% + 2 AED per transaction applies to all Credit card payment.
  • As per government regulations, a 5% VAT will be added to DataFlow Group Primary Source Verification packages starting 1 January 2018.
  • Please visit, enter your DHA Reference Number mentioned above, fill the details of the credit card and submit.

3. DHA Assessment/Examination:

Assessment Requirements:

  • Healthcare professionals are required to pass DHA assessment in order to obtain the professional license.This assessment shall depend on the healthcare professional’s title and may include but not limited to written or oral tests ( General Dentists are almost always (CBT = Computer-based Test))
  • Note:
    • Oral assessment, payment must be done within 2 hours. ( Not For GP dentists) Otherwise, the selection assessment date will be canceled.
    • Prometric assessment (CBT) eligibility number will be valid for 3 months after PSV payment.

For the Prometric Questions for DHA, you may access it here for.

Assessment/Examination :

  • Oral ( Not for GP Dentists): Physicians/Dentist AED 520
  • Prometric assessment (CBT): Physicians/Dentist USD 210

As soon as your pass the examination / assessment you will be issued an elgibility letter.

4. DHA Licensing:

After successful Assessment the following Requirements are needed for License:

  • Elgibitly letter will be given once the exam is successful. ( Validity of the Elgibitly Letter is one year)

If you are not able to secure a facility that will issue a licence withing the validity period than the process will be canceled and you will have to reapeat the process all over again, icluding an updating the dataflow the 1 year that you were busy looking for work!

  • Offer letter from recruiting facility including the professional title, facility stamp, and signature of Medical Director or authorized person. ( The applicant must ensure that the facility he is opting to work for has his/her specialty listed and licensed by DHA.)
  • Malpractice Insurance from recruiting facility

Issue License: (License issuing Fee): Physicians/Dentist AED 3020
License Delivery fees: 20 AED payable cash upon delivery.

3. DHA Licensed Dentists:

Contracguraltions you are officially licensed to work within the boundaries of Dubai and you are eligible to apply for transfer to any other emirates through a process called “license Transfer” to either DHCC, MOH, DOH (previously known as HAAD).


The timeframe for the procedure :

  • Credentialing (application review): 2-4 weeks
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV): it will be processed 48 hours after payment is made.
  • Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on Prometric assessment schedule
  • Upload labor card and Insurance: 5 working days after application submission
  • Issue license: 2 working days


  • There will be variation in the time frame of PSV according to how your institution replies to dataflow team.
  • Care must be taken that don’t submit black-listed certificate. Before keeping for dataflow of your experience certificates check in google regarding blacklisted hospitals.
  • Once you submit blacklisted hospitals certificates, you can’t reapply for any UAE health authority as data-flow will keep a permeant record.



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