Oral Ulcers – Traumatic Oral Ulcers


In article, we briefly explain about Traumatic Oral Ulcers which are considered the most common single non-reccurent Oral ulcer.

Traumatic Oral Ulcer on Tongue Due To Sharp Restoration

Traumatic Oral Ulcer on Tongue Due To Sharp Restoration

Trumatic Ulcers


  • Most Common Single oral Ulcer.
  • Can Occur anywhere.
  • Cause is usually physical or chemical remove of upper surface of the oral tissue leaving an ulcer.


By Patient

  • Check biting.
  • Dentures soreness.
  • irritation from rough tooth restoration.
  • lip biting (after L.A. or during an epileptic attack)

By dentist (Iatrogenic)

  • Mechanical: improper use of dental instruments, forceful removal of cotton…etc.
  • Chemical: silver nitrate, eugenol.
  • Thermal: hot dental instruments, impression compound.

Clinical Features

  • Single.
  • Covered by white fibrin clot.
  • Located near or at the site subjected to injury.
  • Painful (as soon as the injury occurs).
  • If the ulcer is subjected to repeadted trumamay be firm on palpation + elevated border.
  • Ulcer resolves within 1‐2 week after removal of the cause.


  • By history and clinical examination.
  • Site and shape of the ulcer is related to the source of trauma.
  • Most definitive diagnostic featureResolution of the lesion after removal of the cause.
  • Differential diagnosismust differentiate from other single ulcers of bacterial origin or syphilitic chancre.


  • Remove the cause.
  • Reevaluate after removal of the cause, if persistence of the ulcer 1‐2 weeks after elimination of the cause the ulcer, this is indication for biopsy to rule out possible malignancy. 
  • Use Drugs:
    • Prevent 2nd infection by Tetracycline mouth bath.
    • Symptomatic treatment by Benzdamine hydrochloride mouths wash.
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  • Misr International University Article written By Dr. Mohsen S. Mohamed.
  • Wikipedia. 


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