Success Stories: Dr. Mohsen Said Mohamed


In this video, we interviewed the owner of Ozident and Main Author Dr. Mohsen Said Mohamed about what is does he consider success and how he achieved it, this video’s main goal is to inspire others to create their own success story.



Dr. Mohsen Graduated from Misr International University in 2009. He trained in Germany for a while then eventually worked in Saudi Arabia as an Endodontic Resident but due to personal reasons, he wasn’t able to finish the program. Currently, he is a dental manager in Abu Dhabi and continues to write for Ozident.

He enjoys writing and helping others without thinking and will do his best to make sure you succeed.


About Author

MohsenSaeedOzaibi, A Dentist, Dental Manager at Emirates Jordanind Medical Center, Founder of Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Science from Misr International University. A veteran in digital dental content publishing and marketing.

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