The Nutella Craze


Nutella, the newest star to our diet claiming to be healthy. This new fad has parents and students alike, considering Nutella to be the guilt free alternative to chocolate. Due to the illusion that its a healthier and safer way to consume when the urge for sweetness arrives and from that, they over consume this sinful creamy goo without hesitation thus the Nutella craze was born, but the truth is Nutella isn’t healthy not even close. The craze doesn’t stop only there, but beyond that to actually have a day to celebrate it called the “world Nutella day”, which is in the 5th of February.

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Dr. Mohsen Saeed Ozaibi

A Dentist, Dental Manager at Healthway Medical Center, owner and author on Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor Degree in Dental Science from Misr International University. A veteran in digital dental content publishing and marketing.

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